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ALDI Inglewood

As ALDI attempts to expand its stores into the urban surround of Perth, the site constraints and design demands requires them to think outside of the ALDI generic ‘box’. These designs often call for an integration of other small tenancies within the building allowing for full street activation and a rounded pedestrian experience. PHA use their experience both with ALDI and the urban environment to create a design that responds to the context while still referencing the ALDI aesthetic. Some examples of these designs that have approved DA’s are ALDI Inglewood and ALDI Nedlands.

ALDI Inglewood is a non-generic, standalone store that is now live. The project is a site responsive development that incorporates a full basement car park and additional mixed-use retail and commercial tenancies. The architecture of the store conforms to stringent local area design guidelines which reflects the Art Deco Beaufort Street strip aesthetic. PHA’s modern interpretation of main street shopfronts break up the façade unified by a strong horizontal awning. The expected construction cost for this project is around $7million.

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