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ALDI Stores Rollout

ALDI arrived in the middle of 2016 in Western Australia and plans to open 70 stores across the state.  Peter Hobbs architects has been instrumental in the roll out of the ALDI stores throughout WA.


PHA has delivered several completed stores to ALDI, and have several more in various stages of design and documentation, and are one of three architectural practices assisting ALDI with the roll out.

Peter is providing detailed design, documentation and project management services as part of Aldi’s rapid expansion into the local market.


The German retailer is renowned for their commitment to their customers in delivering superior quality goods at the lowest possible prices, as well as an obligation to the Australian community by creating employment opportunities and utilising local produce and suppliers.


The ALDI stores comprise both ‘Freehold’ and ‘Leasehold’ stores, depending on the location.  The stores require tenacious design audits and documentation and a scrupulous project management team befitting an international retailer of ALDI’s status.


Peter Hobbs architects are extremely excited to be associated with the ALDI projects and welcome a more competitive supermarket sector in WA as a result of their presence.

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