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Ambia Childacre

Ambia Childcare situated in the thriving, Ambia Estate, Southern River adds to the urban fabric with its inviting use of colour and native planting. As children enter the building, they are greeted with curved walls outlining the flow of their journeys to activity and play rooms. The coloured verandahs and pergolas that morph around the external play areas provide shading as one transitions from inside to outside. 

The lightweight structure will aid in ensuring fundamental early childhood education is delivered for up to 104 children whilst providing adequate resource space for its 19 staff members. 

The development is set to finish in December 2021, opening its doors for little learners to create their own adventures. 

The project will be constructed using timber frame construction, a traditional approach with a contemporary semi-prefabricated twist in order to accommodate a difficult site in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

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