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Bloom Childcares

Status: Ongoing
Client: Bloom

Bloom have rolled out a series of childcare centres across Western Australia. All centres aim to use natural materials with pop of colour that create inviting playful spaces. There is a great connection to outdoor play areas and pop-ups that bring natural light in.

Bennett Springs

 The building is constructed from LVL timber that helps reduce the building’s overall impact on the environment, whilst also bringing warmth to the internal spaces. The north-facing feature roof pop-ups, bring great volume and natural light into the activity rooms, and are fun pops of colour from the street. The buildings’ plan is efficient and wraps around the external playscape, allowing each room to have connection to the outside.


 The building is constructed from steel framing that enables to building’s structure to be constructed efficiently. The buildings’ plan is efficient and wraps around in an L-shape plan, allowing each room to have connection to lush and cool outside play area. The windows are playful, triangles and circulates, varying in shape and size.


 It was the first Bloom Childcare to be completed, and it provided learnings for future Bloom designs. The building has a verandah with slanted feature columns that wraps around the external play area and racetrack. Each room is generous and light-filled allowing for flexible room layouts. The built-in cabinetry and doors provide pops of colour.

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