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Edgecumbe Street Apartments

The brief for Edgecumbe Street Apartments was to maximize the diversity of apartment options within a rational building envelope focusing on generous floor plans. Early in the sketch design PHA identified further ambitions for the site including maximised northern aspect and cross ventilation for every apartment. Now with DA approval PHA believe the resulting design has achieved all of its desired outcomes and more.

The building is Palladian terms of architectural expression, a textured ground floor sits below a horizontal plinth in which 4 levels stack above. The fifth level is set back to reduce the form of the building while also allowing greater outdoor space for the penthouses. The simple form allows for further expression in the texture of the building. Angled walls allude to gentle movement and playfulness changing with the shadows of the day, while the vertical fins centrally balance the façade and project outwards to shelter and highlight the entrance.


A balcony planter box for each apartment has been carefully designed to allow each inhabitant to enjoy their own personal garden. A large rooftop courtyard and separate relaxation deck have been designed to allow residents to have larger functions for friends and families. Working closely with Fini Developments the project aims to achieve a 7 star energy rating, utiilises solar panel energy, and two electric car charging stations.  

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