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Edgecumbe Street Apartments

Status: Completed 2024
Client: Fini Developments

The Edgecumbe Street Apartments project aimed to diversify apartment options within a rational building envelope, prioritizing spacious floor plans. PHA expanded this vision to include maximizing northern aspect and cross ventilation for every unit. 

The architectural expression is palladian, featuring a textured ground floor beneath a stacked plinth of four levels, with the fifth setback to enhance outdoor space for penthouses. The building’s simplicity allows for expressive texture, with angled walls adding dynamism and vertical fins balancing the facade. 

Each apartment boasts a balcony planter box for personal gardening. Collaborating with Fini Developments, the project targets a 7-star energy rating, integrating solar panels and electric car charging stations. 

Furthermore, a ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shop operates on the ground floor, adding amenity not only for the apartment owners but also for the surrounding neighborhood. PHA is honored to have won the Diversity in Housing Choice Award at the 2023 WA Apartment Awards for Excellence.

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