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Henley on Park

Henley on Park Apartments is a multi-dwelling housing development in Como. The key ambitions of the project were to design legible entries, create a sympathetic contextual design and a strong landscaping presence. The street is addressed with ground floor gardens of native plants, low privacy walls and an elevated ground floor. Deep planting zones and a communal rooftop garden come together to achieve the landscaping objective.

High quality materials have been chosen to highlight the architectural expression, the art deco inspired form curves gracefully around the balconies with the upper floors floating above the grounded base. Large picture windows are framed horizontally by banding of materials with alternating textures accented by delicate lines of trim.


Sustainability always in mind PHA hopes the design will encourage tenants to embrace sustainable transport practices. Perfectly located next to a bus stop, tenants can catch a bus to directly to Curtin University, or be in Perth CBD within 10 minutes via Canning Bridge Station. For those who prefer to cycle, ample cycle storage is provided to each resident, as well as an electric car charging station. The building is designed with a large solar array to offset tenants power consumption. Smart metering allows efficient servicing of power, gas and water while providing consumption feedback to all customers.

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