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Why Fini Developments choose PHA

Peter Hobbs Architects are a multidisciplinary practice of Architects, Designers, Builders and Planners, with an exclusive combination of experience and skills and a focus on medium density housing, mixed use planning, retail and urban design projects.

Peter Hobbs has been a practicing Architect in Western Australia for the last twenty years, during which time he has amassed a wealth of planning, architectural, urban design and construction experience.

Peter’s experience spans all aspects of any given project, from the initial briefing and feasibility stage, to the final Construction certification. His keen interest in social issues, and the way that urban design can inform social and economic outcomes has led to major contributions to significant urban renewal projects.

As registered builder, Peter also brings practicality and achievability to all his projects, and is co-director of a boutique construction company IMAGIN. Peter also contributes to the local profession, and is currently the Chairman of the AIA Urban Design Committee and is a Chapter Councilor for the WA Chapter of the AIA. He sits on the Education advisory panel of The Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) which is responsible for setting the curriculum of the Masters of Urban Design.

The studios of Peter Hobbs Architects and Melbourne firm 1:1 have recently come together to collaborate on providing architectural services for the roll out of the Aldi stores in W.A, under the acronym of 1:1PH.

See Fini Developments website here:

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